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Nihad Trading Company (NTC), a division of Nihad Group (NG) has the pleasure and interest to introduce itself to you as licensed importers and distributors of Pharmaceutical and Para-Pharmaceutical Products in JORDAN, which is located in the heart of the Middle East & North Africa, (MENA) region. We believe JORDAN market to be a start which will reflect positively on other countries in the area.

NG is a family business run by a board of directors:
  • Mr. Ahmad Nihad – B.Sc.Buiseness, General manager.
  • Dr. Zaid Nihad – B.Sc.Pharmacy, CEO “Chief executive officer”
  • Mr. Abdulla Nihad – B.Marketing, Marketing specialist.
  • Mrs. Lara Nihad – B.Accounting, accountant.


The founder of Nihad Trading Co., Ahmad Nihad, started very small, after graduation from The University in 1968, he worked abroad in some Arabian countries and gained the experience he was seeking.

Shortly after that in 1971 he decided to establish the first business in Jordan and it was NIHAD PHARMACY.

In 1975 he established the second pharmacy UM OTHAINA PHARMACY. And it was a great success.

With his background Ahmad Nihad started his own import business in 1977 by establishing “Nihad Trading Co.” specializing in the import and distribution of Para-pharmaceuticals as follows:

TRISA (toothbrushes, hairbrushes and accessories) OF SWITZERLAND – since 1982


ELGON (hair care) OF ITALY – since 1986

TZMO (Bella, Matopate,Dr. Max) OF POLAND – since 2007


PEREJA OF TURKEY (Cosmetics) –  since 2008

And some other items we import but not as sole agents. 

With more than 2000 pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets and beauty salons as regular customers covering all cities of the country.

In 2002 we decided to open our own branch in Kuweit operating on beauty salons only with Elgon products.


The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region combines 22 countries, the population of which is around 260 Millions.
The most important market in the area is considered the Gulf , it is considered one of the big markets in consuming pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, this is why we established very good relations in this area and in other countries through the companies we are dealing with, so we have sister companies in the following countries:
SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, YEMAN, OMAN, QATAR, LYBIA, LEBANON and TUNISIA all of which we almost share the same agencies.

Jordan Market Segments Include:

  • 1750 community pharmacies.
  • 77 private and government hospitals.
  • 30 main whole sailors.
  • Ministry of Health (MOH).
  • 5000 registered beauty saloons.
  • 8 chains of hypermarkets and 20 big superstores.
  • More than 7000 supermarkets, mini markets and groceries.


These involve the following:
  1. Nihad Trading Company is willing to establish long-term partnership with its suppliers.
  2. Our state-of-the-art logistics and facilities help NG to rank among the leaders in para-pharmaceutical distribution in Jordan and the area.
  3. To provide good quality products and service at competitive conditions.
  4. NTC will adopt extensively studied dynamic promotional and marketing plans in collaboration with its suppliers / partners.

NG is placing great emphasis on investment in all aspects of its activities.